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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does eAdmin cost?
Prices vary dependent on customer's specific requirements.

We do gurantee the following:
  • There is no initial purchase of software required for eAdmin.
  • There are NO upgrade fees - EVER.
  • There are no extra charges for the loading of tax scales.
How do I view eAdmin?
Log on to eAdmin and click View eAdmin on the Home page. See Getting Started for tips and read the Quick Start document once you've logged on to the system.

Note, to view eAdmin is completely FREE.
What size business can use eAdmin?
eAdmin has been designed for use by any business regardless of how large or small.
Why use eAdmin?
There are many advantages using eAdmin:
  • TIME SAVINGS - if you are required to travel or work from home, you can connect to the internet and perform any administration task via your web browser.

  • COST SAVINGS - eAdmin eliminates the need to buy expensive software packages or pay for annual upgrades. There are no extra charges for the loading of new tax scales.

  • INSTANT ACCESS TO NEW FEATURES - as new features are added to eAdmin, businesses can start using them immediately.

  • EASY - no installation of software, no software upgrades, no database backups necessary, no load required to update PAYG tax scales.

  • CUSTOMISATION - eAdmin can be customised for different business requirements.
What training is available?
We offer:
  • Free product familiarisation
  • Free product training
  • Free user sessions
Call John on 0417 119 845 to find out where and when we hold our free user sessions and to make your booking.
What if there is an extra feature I require?
eAdmin has all the features required to fully administer almost any business. If there is an extra feature you require, please let us know by submitting your suggestions on the Contact Us page.
How is eAdmin upgraded?
eAdmin is maintained and upgraded at one central location. When you next log on to eAdmin, any modifications or new features will automatically be available.